Flat Roof Shingles – What Are They ?

American home can be divided into a few distinct groups. If you reside in the suburbs, you probably dwell below a sloped or pitched roof. Such structure allows for the setup of fiberglass roofing shingles as the chief valve keeping snow and rain from penetrating into the wood sheathing beneath them. Normally, shingled roofs are guaranteed by the maker for 20-30 years, depending on the depth and quality of the item.

If you live inside of the city limits, you might just have a flat roof. A flat roof is precisely what you would expect. . .very little pitch or slope to assist in the emptying procedure. These roofs are typically found on homes built in inner-cities involving 1900-1950.

Historically, rolls of fiberglass have been installed within the old layer of roofing covering with the help of warm asphalt in order to stick a new membrane for protection from the elements. Since horizontal roofs are problematic concerning proper drainage, only 8-10 year guarantees were offered by horizontal roofing contractors. Then, the horizontal roofs needed to be coated with a fresh layer of asphalt every 3 years to maintain the warranty in force and legitimate!

As you can imagine, after 30-40 decades of continually adding layer after layer of new roofing elk grove village material within the old layers, the durability of every new layer was reduced appreciably. Consider it this way: assume you put a piece of duck-tape above a hole at the side of a Styrofoam cup full of coffee. However, after a period of time, the tape will need some help doing its job. At that stage, you’d add yet another piece of tape over the old one, extending the protection. Well, once you had roughly six layers of tape, then you might be wondering whether tearing off everything and starting from scratch may be in order.

That’s exactly what homeowners will need to do in many cases: remove ALL layers of roofing membrane and haul them away in a crisis, before employing a new roof covering over the original roof decking, which is typically constructed of wood.

Today, homeowners are well-advised to steer clear of fiberglass and hot asphalt on their flat roofs. Rather, rubber roof material, usually modified bitumen, should be applied over the decking in the existing roof’s base. This material is warranted for 15 years if installed by a professional roofing contractor. He will also replace the drain-box and downspout in the rear section of a horizontal roof to make sure that all water will drain readily, leaving no puddles on the rooftop. Within our city, these drain-boxes frequently have to be lowered by a qualified contractor familiar with flat roofing projects on 60-100-year-old housing. Only then can you be sure that your new roof will last for nearly a generation.

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