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Often, people hear the word, ‘carbohydrates’, and a negative connotation springs to mind, but Natural Food offer essential complex carbohydrates for a wholesome body. When natural foods are the greatest part of this daily diet, then there is less space for simple carbs. This makes weight control and natural weight loss easier as complex carbohydrates take longer to digest, so providing more long term gratification.

To survive and flourish, the human body needs complex carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. This usually means that the foods have to be prepared properly so that the plant enzymes are undamaged and their natural, whole food structure remains.

Complex carbohydrates from organic foods are vital for vitality and proper brain functioning. Individuals who eat fewer complex carbohydrates might suffer from irritability. Unfortunately, they frequently boost their disposition with simple carbohydrates from processed sugar solutions. This is the way diabetes starts to grow in many men and women.

If, rather, someone who was feeling sluggish or ill tempered ate some organic foods such as apples, carrots or celery, the intricate carbohydrates would provide a healthier mood boost. It may take longer, but the benefits are more lasting, also.

Complex carbohydrates are different from simple carbohydrates because they are composed of three or more sugar molecules linked together, instead of just one or two. Of course, simple carbohydrates can be from organic foods, but processed sugar products do not provide the same advantages as fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. High fructose corn syrup and table sugar are all examples of products which include a lot of straightforward carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates do occur naturally in vegetables and fruits, but in much smaller amounts than in products such as biscuits, candy, ice cream and cakes. Some high starch foods such as potatoes, corn, carrots and whole grains comprise even more chains of complex carbs. That is why these natural foods provide long lasting energy without the sugar crashes associated with simple carbohydrates.

Experts suggest that 50% of the calories consumed daily should be from complex carbohydrates. There are so many natural foods to pick from that this daily recommended amount should not be a problem. But some do find it difficult to consume enough of the proper kinds of natural foods every day. Maybe they don’t care for the taste of a large enough range of vegetables or fruits to eat the daily required level. In these instances, there are concentrated foods and beverages which may offer plenty of complex carbohydrates in formulas which are easy to consume. In fact, it is now easier than ever to eat the right types of carbs in advanced nutritional formulas that provide an abundance of nutrients from organic foods.

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