10 Recommendations for Giving Great Corporate Gifts

Let us discuss the omnipresent”corporate gift.” You understand,”swag bags” in conventions, freebies at sporting events, or personalized return address labels followed by a donation request form (anybody else get those?) . Whatever it is, the majority of us can agree that some corporate presents are really fine, some are just okay, and a few (sorry) are unworthy.

Thus, if you are the”giver” of a corporate present, how can you stick out above the rest? How can you give a present that somebody does not immediately throw in the garbage or the”take to thrift store” heap? As the individual responsible for choosing, designing, and coordinating Foster Made’s talent giving jobs, I’ve thought a great deal about this particular subject. We have had a long standing heritage for a business of giving presents —- to customers, business leaders, seminar attendees, every other, family members, friends, etc. And we do not like to give presents, we love to provide great gifts. For all of us, details matter. From our very first customer interactions, thanks to our consumer experience study and custom development function, to the mails we compose and the presents we provide.

Without further ado, here are 10 ideas to consider to provide an brilliant company present.



What is something special about your company that’s fun to talk about with other people? It might reflect the job which you do or the civilization of the men and women who do the job. In the development world,”casual Friday” is, broadly , a regular affair. Or absence of affair, ie. It is the standard. The capacity to wear a t-shirt to function is part of our culture.

One of our presents from the start of Foster Made time (such as earlier we rebranded and became Foster Made) was branded t-shirts. It is not an unusual or distinctive present with any means, but it is significant to us because it is part of our business culture which we share with other people. And every other. We joke that we provide 50 percent of the wardrobes of a number of those Foster Made team.


Be conscious of your prejudice about what you believe is”cool” and also how it may be exclusive to your viewers. This may be the reverse side of sharing your own civilization. In our situation, I understand t-shirts are not necessarily for everybody . We had one customer decline a tee since he does not wear them. But we do try to take into account the nuances of a varied crowd.

When I first began working in Foster Made in 2013, our t-shirts were of those Hanes Beefy T number. As a 5’1″ girl, this was not very attractive to me personally. I recommended for milder tees and v-neck choices while also getting input from co-workers who informed the tops shouldn’t be overly lightweight to be overly thin. Over time we started to have”Lady Coder” tops printed to especially recognize women in tech. Then came the”Kid Coder” tops for your little ones.


What is a present with no wrap? Ok, it is still a present, but do not underestimate the effects of presentation. Consider the experience somebody will have getting your gift. A wonderful box, tissue paper, a handwritten note… attention to detail and the way that it contributes to the total bundle can turn very pleasant into”wow.”

After we rebranded and became Foster Made, we utilized it as an chance to produce the ultimate care bundle as a single approach to present the brand. We thought about the experience of somebody opening the boxfirst limiting multilayered inserts that told a story and extended an invitation to collaborate, along with the contents under were resources to inspire: journals, pens, coffee, a mug. I am sure not every receiver thought that deeply in it, and perhaps it’s cheesy, but it had been some great things and seemed great all set together.


Obtaining others in the business involved with the gift giving process makes it more of a collective work. It’s possible to earn an occasion of this that is fun and offers chances to bond. It is possible to request an opinion when you are taking a look at choices or invite somebody who’s worked right with the gift recipient to write a handwritten note to accompany the present.

We partnered with Lamplighter Coffee Roasters in Richmond to make a habit Foster Made mix. It was a group effort–we had a group psychologist at the coffee shop to get a tasting, also Lamplighter made our mix depending on the comments we gave . The next time we made an occasion about gift giving was once we put together our new statement boxes to ship out all simultaneously. It ended up being a bit of a team building exercise, now I think about it. We took a rest from work, chatted and laughed while we packaged presents, and even difficulty solved for the interest of efficiency.



This sort of goes along with becoming more inclusive. It is okay to ask somebody if they need or can be given a present. Should you ship food treats, inquire whether there are any allergies or dietary restrictions. If it comes to attire, do not assume or estimate dimensions. Despite the fact that you eliminate the element of shock, asking a gift receiver questions upfront can save you from needing to fill in the gaps and preventing misinterpretation.

I ask someone their favored t-shirt dimensions beforehand. And I generally request favorite mailing addresses to prevent returned deliveries. Though I maintain a present log with sizes and addresses, I recently decided it was best to request somebody’s size again a couple of decades later. Weights fluctuate up and down to various reasons, and I’d rather not make light of something possibly sensitive. Giving and receiving presents should bring delight.


Support local companies and rep your city or state by sending”homegrown” products. This may be cool for men and women that live far away in addition to folks in your area, a party of a specific sort of camaraderie if you may. 1 client we have worked with for decades, Southern Environmental Law Center, delivered us static with magnificent nature photographs across the US South, which is fitting as SELC’s mission would be to utilize the ability of this law to safeguard and conserve the South’s surroundings (so this present also applies to sharing function culture).

As I mentioned previously, our Foster Made java blend is roasted here in Richmond. We ship it out to people around the nation and gave a few away as a favor in our final open house, which neighborhood Richmonders appreciated. Our published materials and also t-shirts are printed locally by Triple Stamp Press. Just as we could, we try to encourage local companies and reflect our Richmond pride.


You do not need to reinvent the wheel. It is ok to provide a present that has”been done before.” It can really be an chance to stand out in the event that you do it greater . We have all received pencils and glasses, but when your pencil or mug is fine , people will notice. If you are not certain what makes one pencil or mug nicer than another, ask somebody who’s perhaps a little more specific about their tastes and you understand and hope to have objectively very good taste.

We have discovered that people do really notice and remark about the caliber of the t-shirts we ship out. We care about quality since we think it is a manifestation of our business and work. When choosing sellers, we select companies who are passionate about their craft because we are about ours. When searching into writing implement choices to grow our new box, we finally selected custom pens from CW Pencil Enterprise, an up-and-coming pioneer in the pen industry (who knew?) Dedicated to quality.


I understand this is a bit contradictory following my final point being you do not need to constantly be first. Additionally, it is difficult to actually measure or instruct just how to get this done, since it takes a little creativity and nicely… thinking beyond the box. An idea may come for you as a spark of inspiration if you are least expecting it. An “aha moment.”

This instance is what motivated me to write this whole blog post. We sponsored a business summit (EE CONF), and as a host, we organized a fitting game for conference goers to enter to win an iPad Pro. Every attendee received a cardthey would need to find somebody else with a fitting card, and both could enter their data to a webpage we made on our site. While it created a buzz and visitors to our website, I especially like the notion because it encouraged people to meet different people in the summit they may not have met otherwise.



Do attempt to refrain from slapping your massive logo or business name in large letters across all the product is, unless you’ve got a fantastic reason or a huge base of clients with new loyalty. I am not saying never to place your logo on anything. Simply saying, be elegant. e-CorporateGifts. Com proposes,”If you have selected an item that makes a lasting impression, there is no need to put your logo on the gift, they will remember you by the gift itself.”

There are various instances —-mugs, shirts, journals–where we have used only our mark rather than the complete logo. The mark part of our emblem happens to look fine as a standalone layout component. Additionally, it may be a conversation piece. Occasionally people ask me what the emblem in my top is when I use my own Foster Made t-shirt. Another consideration would be to provide a customer a present together with their emblem on it. For one particular event we gave a customer laser engraved coasters using their emblem.


Last but not least, I’m likely to provide a shout out to my buddy, the surroundings (hello!) . I am no expert when it comes to environmental effect, therefore I will not go there, except for the purposes of the blog article, I’m contemplating it from a mental standpoint. I am not sure about you, but I receive a icky, conflicted feeling whenever I need to throw away something while shushing my subconscious that miracles if it is bad for the environment or will break down in a landfill.

In present giving, I really don’t wish to place that burden on other people. Apart from that, it might also prompt a negative association with your brandnew. This is the area where caliber (I’ll state over amount this time) and thought get involved. When in doubt, something consumable, such as meals, or recyclable after it has served its function are excellent choices. That is just another reason I really like the card matching card game. A little part of cardstock turned into a puzzle piece into a 1 time game you could recycle later. And the true trophy, an iPad, has been something that you wanted (since I write I want to say let us postpone any digital recycling arguments ).


If you are a post skimmer, I only wish to clarify I’m not indicating your presents hit all 10 factors. Again,”think quality over originality” and”think outside the box” are quite contradictory (but should you have the ability to do both, allow me to know because that is impressive).

In addition, I know we can not always get it right. Presents are still subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s possible to send an wonderful mug without understanding the receiver has a ton and believes,”ugh, another mug.” Or maybe you send a diary to somebody who prefers to maintain notes 100 percent electronic. I’d say c’est la vie, however I’m Italian, so I’ll mention que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be). And to throw a single last cliché your manner: it is the idea that counts.

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