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Ladies love wearing nose jewelery. A pretty little ring or even a stud on the nose looks quite chic and stylish. That enhances the beauty of the face and adds depth to the individuality of the person wearing the jewelery. Both nose studs and nose rings enjoy equal popularity. Everyday, 1000s of Internet jewelery sites are visited by millions and millions connected with jewelery enthusiasts, who seek nose jewelery that have variations and designs.

Crystals can make great nose studs. They also seem quite good on Rose Gold Endless Hoops. They sparkle right in the middle of the face, brightening up the entire area. The impress and sparkle of Swarovski crystals on the nose twinkles and reflects light. It catches the attention immediately and also leaves everyone around gaping helplessly. There are diverse shades and designs available in Swarovski crystal nose studs.

If you are getting the nose pierced for the first time, you might wonder where to do the piercing and what jewelery to wear. Ideally, the nose is pierced around the top of the curve that defines the nostrils. It can be one of the favorite places where women get their nose punctured. Any petite little crystal over there would look totally stunning. If you want to try something different, you can pierce any place around the nose that looks good aesthetically.

The Swarovski ravenscroft comes encrusted in carriers made of different materials. Still the best element that you can wear is gold. You can also try platinum, which is the latest sensation or sterling silver. However , attempt to avoid silver as there are high chances that it would not suit your epidermis. Also, try to avoid copper and nickel as they can result in allergic reactions.

Body piercing is one of the ancient ways of adding usually in the on the body, these piercings were often fitted with decorations like rings, studs and other fittings. Among the old body piercing practices that are still popular even today are; ear, nose and belly ring piercings. In this article, we focus on nasal area piercing and the type of rings and studs that are accustomed to fit the piercings.

Nose piercing has its origins from certain African and Asian traditional practices several decades ago, where it was used as a symbol with beauty, status, and wealth among other purposes. In the modern cultures, nose piercing is seen as hip and trendy hence many young people both men and women have embraced it dearly.

Forms of nose piercings

There are various types of nose piercing based on the portion that gets pierced, for example , there is the nostril piercing, which can be the most common, simple and widely practiced. It involves piercing the nostril just above the crease where the nose separates from the oral cavity. At this position, there is a lot of possible jewelry that can match due to its accessibility. We have L-shaped studs, nose rings, basketball rings and nose screws among others.

The other type of nose area piercing is the septum piercing, very popular nowadays even between men. It involves piercing through the nasal septum while steering clear of the bone cartilage separating the nostrils. This simply fits circular barbells or loops. There are others just like the nose tip piercing and the bridge piercing all of which are usually gaining popularity as humans try more ways of accessorizing their particular noses.

Procedure for the nose piercing

This procedure is fragile and requires a person with the knowledge to do it right. Hygiene will be of great essence to avoid infections and also improve the level of healing. The most common is the nostril piercing and it employs the following brief protocol.

The first step is always choosing the location of the piercing. The nostrils can both be pierced at a move, however , when choosing between either of the sides certain considerations has to be observed such as the cultural directives and the meaning attributed to the item.

The piercer marks the location and if you are okay from it then it is done in the most aseptic way as possible.

It is actually then fitted with a steel nose screw of about 20G in size and then you are given instructions on how to care for them till it heals.

If followed well the piercing heals fast and then you can adorn any other type of nostril studs that you prefer.


Nose piercing is trending since it is considered fashionable yet it is somehow discrete.

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