Answering Service – Top Ten Reasons to Hire One Now

An answering service has lots of functions such as greeting callers, moving them to extensions that are appropriate, taking messages down, placing orders for callers, playing custom on-hold messages or audio while processing customer requests and inputting caller information into direct tracking systems. Most free trail answering services provide toll-free nationwide and local amounts. You can either forward your present numbers to the service or ask for easy to remember vanity numbers that reinforce your business name. If you do not require round the clock answering service, you may hire one to answer calls only at specific times.

Answering Service Gives a Competitive Edge to your Business

1. Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Faith in your Business

An answering service lends a human voice to your business reassuring your customers of your commitment to them. A telephone answering service guarantees your clients about the genuineness of your small business. Professional customer support representatives make your clients feel at ease, solve all of their questions and enhance customer satisfaction.

2. Reduce Wait Time to Speak to Someone

Most of us hate those endless chains of telephone transfers to numerous extensions when we call client service. An answering service prevents the frustration of transfers and holds by getting the caller to quickly achieve a live person.

3. Boost your Client Base

Answering service frees clients into action, encouraging them to behave when they’re likely to place an order or voice complaints. While the former allows you to expand your client base, the latter retains prevents loss of customers and unwanted publicity.

4. 24×7 Customer Support

Whom would you rather deal with? A company which delivers customer support during a restricted area of the day or a business that’s ready to help you with your urgent queries round the clock. Answering services permit you to attend to clients even if your staff has left the office.

5. Multi-language Customer Support

It’s tough for a small business to provide multi-language customer support unless the client base is large enough to justify hiring a complete time source. An answering service relives you of this chicken and egg issue. It’s possible to hire an answering service to support even very few of consumers that need aid in languages besides English.

6. Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

Answering services are less expensive than hiring full-time staff, receptionist and telephone attendants. They offer you reports on the duration and disposition of calls. This information allows you to better adjust your support to customer needs.

7. Improves the Perception of your Company Size

Customers like to take care of large businesses. The kind of services offered is frequently indicative of the magnitude of the firm. When small and startup businesses hire answering services, they enhance the perception of dimensions and clients get prone to buy from them.

8. Test the Effectiveness of Marketing and Media Campaigns

It’s possible to test the reach and impact of your marketing and media campaigns by hiring an answering service and routing calls to it. By putting a different contact number in various media such as magazines, newspapers, tv, radio and Web, it is possible to assess the efficacy of that particular media. The medium that generated the most calls and higher conversions is obviously a far more effective medium for prospective marketing spend.

9. Efficient Handling of Different Types of Requests

Answering services can provide advice, take messages, enter leads and orders, forward calls to cell phones or landlines and move them to extensions as per customers’ specification and necessity. By providing customer an answer to all their requests at one area, the service improves efficiency and client satisfaction.

10. The use of Scripts to Control quality and Costs

To get the most out of your calling service you can provide scripts to the answering service. The scripts are brief, clear and concise and say the things to be said when responding to calls or transferring them or while entering leads and orders. Besides improving customer satisfaction, the usage of scripts helps maintaining the standard of calls and in controlling cost as many answering services charge by the period of the call.

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