Copywriting Mistakes


Howdy Everyone!

I have made this dreaded error in my composing for quite a very long moment.

But here is the kicker.

I didn’t even realize I had been making this error until I had been advised that my writing was coming off unprofessional and creepy… just like a wonderful man.


Not something nobody wants to hear, particularly copywriters and content driven companies.

This is an error that lots of content driven companies, email driven companies and copywriters create and do not even recognize it.

The dreaded fine guy error.

Let us get to it…

Consider this on the “Nice Guy,”

When you are being “nice,” to somebody your not being yourself. Being a little weasel since you need something from another individual. And people on the receiving end of the kind gestures detect it, feel it and dread it.

When you are that “nice guy,” you complete.

Your readers can observe that “nice guy,” on your own writing. And that kind of writing is known as writing in a passive voice.

But that is not all…

Composing in a passive voice also cause difficulties like…

Your thoughts become missing, you do not talk in an immediate voice, and you eliminate all of your energy on your composing creating your call to act feeble.

Just how do you mend this, “passive voice.” problem?


What really is a “Passive Voice?”

In a passive voice sentence that the subject is listened to the verb. You don’t ever need to compose in a passive voice. All your articles, copy and emails must be in an immediate voice.

What really is a “Direct Voice?”

And that is where you’d like your writing to be at.

Check out these examples and figure which one is active and is passive.

… All of the six shrimp were consumed by Demetrio.

Would you guess which is passive and is busy?

The very best sentence is that the energetic and the next sentence is that the passive.

Here is a few more examples…

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