Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur ?

Here is the story…

He’d been in the building industry for just a brief while, two decades to be precise. And throughout this time that he got off to a flying start.

He had been inundated with a continuous stream of work in the only client he’d. He had a predictable flow of revenue and never needed to worry about being out of work…

This was before his customer chose to retire and push off into the sunset.

At the blink of an eye my customer was out of his income dried up.

What is worse is that he had zero understanding about the best way best to advertise his company efficiently.

If you are a company owner and you are only relying on a single freelancer, then you are creating a huge mistake.

Here is how it goes.

Any good freelance copywriter is going to have more than several customers on his novels and will nearly always be occupied masterminding their next winner.

You see, making copy requires an immense quantity of research and time. And so for us to keep our customers contented and craft copy that produces a bushel of cash, we have to give all our attention to a single job at one time.

When the time comes for one to call in your own copywriter to whip up a winner (since you are needing a quick cash flow spike)…

You are going to need to wait!

Listen, the company world is moving in a 100 mph and you want to always be moving and keeping up with your competitors. Just having one copywriter in your novels will severely harm you.

The time WILL come if you desperately want your copywriter to party out a winner.

You have to seriously think about having at least 2 leading drawer copywriters in your books which you could call upon if you desire.

This way you will not need to set anything on hold because of somebody else’s work program and you will KNOW that your copywriter will have to work on creating a blockbuster piece of backup for you almost instantly.

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