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The PADI Open Water Diver Course teaches you the basics of padi idc Indonesia. You’ll learn about all your scuba diving gear and how to gear up properly, and all of the simple diving dos and don’ts. On successful completion, you’ll receive an Open Water Diver card and a diver number – your key to the exciting and thrilling world of scuba diving. Bearing this under your belt, then you can hire gear and dip to your heart’s content (within the safety parameters, of course!) And you needn’t sit single test more if you don’t need to. Most divers, however, find themselves hooked by this stage, and advancement to the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, providing them with the necessary training to dive to deeper depths.

It teaches the essential skills to enable you to plan and dive to a maximum of 18 meters. You may find it a bit daunting at the outset, but it’s surprising how fast you learn. You are going to be gearing up just like a pro in no time!

There are two parts to this course: practical and knowledge. You’ll need to invest in a PADI Open Water Course Crew Pack. This comprises your PADI Manual, which includes all you have to learn about diving and your scuba diving gear. You will also get a dip table (for dive preparation) and logbook to document all of your dives. A few Crew Packs also feature a PADI Open Water DVD – a useful learning aid. You may undertake the understanding part of your PADI course online before beginning your training. Ideally, though, you need to undertake the knowledge and practical aspects simultaneously. You wouldn’t, in the end, consider your driving theory test without needing sat behind the steering wheel.

Some of the technical skills you will learn include:

Mask clearing and removal
Failed BCD inflator
Alternate air source use
Regulator freeflow
Buoyancy control
Kit removal and refit
Tired diver tow
Controlled emergency swimming ascent
Compass usage (on land and underwater)
You must be at least 10 years old to undertake the PADI Open Water Diver course. There’s not any maximum age limitation. Bearing in mind the average swimming pool is approximately 25 metres long, this equates to approximately 8 lengths (without stops). You’ll need to complete a health questionnaire before your training. In case you’ve got a pre-existing health condition, this might not necessarily preclude you from diving. In case you have any health concerns, it would be wise to come to your physician beforehand to discuss them and, if necessary, obtain a notice confirming your fitness. This may save yourself the inconvenience and cost of a physician’s examination as soon as you reach the resort.

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