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I want to sell my laptop! Perhaps I’m planning to buy the most recent laptop on the sector and do away with my older one. Maybe a loved one who knows about my passion for gadgets such as notebooks has surprised me with a super-fast, sleek and powerful laptop on my birthday. So now that I have a much better notebook computer, I need to sell my old laptop or give it off.

I could contribute it to a recycling centre, but when it is in a viable state, I think I would like to make a few bucks on it? So if I have decided to sell my notebook, there are several ways I will sell it, but there is something I need to do before I try to market it.

Things to Take Care of Before You Sell


Anyhow, I need to assess the condition of my previous notebook. Can it be broken in any manner or is there any significant problem with it such as a broken/cracked display or poor screen? Are a few of the keys missing or not working? Does this have charging problems?

I need to approach the purchase as if I was purchasing my laptop. If I was purchasing my notebook, I wouldn’t want it to have troubles that I’m going to have to fix unless the cost being requested supports the fixes. Most buyers don’t want to need to invest time and money in a laptop they just purchased.

If my notebook has troubles, I could fix them to make the laptop more valuable. If I’m not helpful, I will have to pay a computer expert to do the repairs. Either way, fixing the issues may not be worth it if I must spend more to repair the notebook than you expect to have from promoting it.

At the very least, I do not want to throw it away. All used laptops have value to someone.

Prepare Your Laptop for Sale

Your buyer will also expect my laptop to reach him/her in a specific way – it should be clean, free from my personal data (up it ), rather than have missing accessories such as its charger, instruction manual and so forth.

When I advertise it, I should be able to offer prospective customers with all the laptop’s specifications being sure to highlight any major benefits like special software or other hardware that I am going to include available.

It goes without saying, but my laptop also has to be free of malware or viruses.


I also need to take into account the requirement for my laptop on the market. Is a newer, better, more affordable version of the notebook available on the industry presently? Is the laptop running in an obsolete technology? Is the device popular? Also consider the product life cycle – in case the company made my laptop is very likely to launch a brand new model soon, I might not bring in a lot of buyers.

Gaming laptops are extremely popular. If I have a gambling laptop to market, I can expect increased need. Touch screen laptops are also in demand. When I really have a touch screen laptop, it will bring a higher cost.

Sell Your Laptop Today

I want to market my laptop today. There are a number of powerful alternatives for me to explore.

I want to let my friends and family know instantly that I am searching for a buyer for my own notebook computer. My family will happily assist me locate buyers, and I might not have to spend extra on the whole process.

Use Social Media

These are the instances when social media accounts prove helpful. I need to mention that the sale in my social networking accounts, notifying everyone about the notebook brand, specs and model. I also need to add a picture of this laptop (make certain it is a current photograph). Mentioning the approximate cost of this laptop is also proposed.

This enriches my authenticity and I am likely to have more buyers because of this’credibility factor’. Even so, it’s very likely I will need to establish a couple of meetings before making a deal. It’s my experience that a great deal of people market PC laptops on both eBay and Craigslist.

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