Six Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2018


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‘Tis the season to take a look at what worked and didn’t function in your marketing this past year. In going through that practice, I encourage you to test some new tactics for the entire year ahead. Below are six trends to keep tabs and how to apply them.

We have heard about mobile for the last few decades, but for some crazy reason, many companies are still not doing it. Stand in line anywhere nowadays and observe what people do. I can guarantee you that they have their face buried in their cellular device. Mobile will continue to become a high priority for marketers for many years to come.

Put a mobile strategy in place to engage with your prospects and clients. This means creating a cell website but, depending upon your business, cellular elements might include the ability to send text messages to your clients. By way of instance, the restaurant industry can eliminate sending texts after per week with specials, whereas a doctors office could be hard-pressed to ship something regularly.

I’d suggest starting by sending two messages a month, one fun text and a single promotional having a call to action. As soon as you begin, you’ll be able to quickly estimate how many messages that your audience will respond to.

2. Media Properties

Which kind of company are you in? Irrespective of your response, I would challenge you to begin considering your business as a media company. Where do you get the majority of your information regarding what’s going on in the world? Whether you read your news on the internet or still read a paper copy, the information controls the conversation for the day, week or month.

The best method to control the dialogue before your prospects and customers is to get in front of them with quality content. Launch one networking platform that’s 100% focused on providing helpful, authentic content to your end customers. This could mean a podcast, even a well-written and thought-out blog or even a livestream video which you film on a weekly basis. The business that produces the best (and many) content will come out on top.

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