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Thai people initially migrated from temperate China to eastern Asia, dating back to the 12th century. Previously referred to as the state of Siam and formally changed to the title Thailand in 1948, meaning “land of the free,” this Asian nation has suffered centuries of upheaval and political unrest, similar to its allies Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and Vietnam. However, what has emerged is not simply a gorgeous country rich with art and history, but a composite of restaurants that have graced the West together with a number of the greatest native food and brings visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Who can resist those meals. Noodles or cherry rice perfectly blended with peppers,veggies and sweet coconut milk, topped with pork, poultry, fish or lettuce, chucked in a hot wok, all coming together in a hot burst of tastes.

Spicy curry dishes, indigenous to India, served as soup or rice is high on the hit parade, experienced with aromatic spices. Thai food is famous for its fresh raw and steamed vegetables, such as beans, mushrooms, sprouts. Eggplant, broccoli, onions and lemongrass, generously seasoned and topped off with fresh lime wedges. (Don’t ask, just like)

Some of the popular dishes include:

Som Tum: (spicy green papaya salad)
Tom Kha Kai: (chicken in coconut soup)
Gaeng Daeng: (red curry)
Pad Thai: (Thai style fried noodles topped with peanuts)
Pad Krapow Moo Saap: (fried Steak and basil)
Gaeng Keow Wan Kai: (green chicken curry)
Khao Pad: (traditional fried rice)
Yam Nua: (spicy beef salad)
Kai Med Ma Muang: (chicken with cashew nuts)
Massaman Curry: (a wealthy, but comparatively moderate)
Pad Kee Mao: (also known as Drunken Noodles, broad rice noodles in a savory, hot sauce)
Khao Phat: (a Frequent rice dish, generally with seafood or meat)
Thai Iced Tea: (with milk or cream and sugar)
And fear not, you don’t have to announce them, you may merely point or ask your waiter to find out more.

Maybe because Chinese food was a favorite for so many decades, we’ve updated our elegance and preferences to a different degree with Thai food. Lighter, more succulent, hot and much less oily, this beautiful cuisine was embraced by Americans across the country, rivaling Mexican, barbecue and Italian.

But only a cautionary note: unless you’re an expert Asian cook or have an infinite budget, Thai food is eaten outside. With the dozens of little restaurants (ideally) located close to you, it is sensible to leave the cooking at the palms of the expert chefs, simply sit back and Thai one on.

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