The Power of Words

“A man or woman who won’t bend after several warnings will soon be broken beyond repair.”
We’re not likely to be so keen to embrace our stubbornness as we continue reflecting on this one above.

Likewise, what could be considered a concluding quatrain in the initial chapter casts both bright and stark imagery before the reader:

“For waywardness kills the simple, and the complacency of fools destroys them but people who hear [Wisdom] will be protected and will reside in ease, without fear of disaster.”
~Proverbs 1:32-33 (NRSV).

Other proverbs encompass powerful portions of truth, for instance:

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for from it are the issues of life”
~Proverbs 4:23 (KJV).

This is an astoundingly comprehensive proverb – one that echoes through our eternal souls as we partake in the “issuing” of life. The fact that the heart is the “origin,” or otherwise the “wellspring,” of our own lives is as deep a fact as some of us will ever understand, so much as the practice of sensible living is worried.

Maybe we are starting to see here the resolute breadth of stead the power-proverb controls through and in life.

The Imagery in Some Power-Proverbs

There’s another fantastic example of the proverbial electricity we are framing here. The sextet in verses 9-11 of chapter six discussions about laziness contrary to diligence. The energy in this group thrusts a picture to the forefront of our heads which should induce us to live our own lives a certain way – never to sleep all our lives, but to get up early enough to prepare our times, for example.

Another illustration is Proverbs 16:1, an expression with lots of parallels speaking similarly of its own wisdom. We’ve got our strategies, yet the answer of the tongue – i.e. how life works out – comes in the LORD.

Overall Comments

More or less every single proverb – or pair of proverbs – from chapter ten onwards has electricity about it. The first nine chapters reveal an introductory or preparatory stream, as an general critical to the young pupil of Wisdom.

And, naturally, it needs to be confessed; one individual’s power-proverb is the other’s and vice versa. The LORD has blessed us with the capability to possess our own senses and special perspectives on matters – and unique ones which are absolutely qualifiable.

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