The Way to Write a Direct Mail Letter

1. Adapt letter-headed newspaper

If you are using business letterhead for immediate email then adapt it to your own requirements. The business name and selling advantage should stick out. If you’d like visitors to email youpersonally, then the email address must stick out. If you’d like them to call, then create the telephone number prominent. Use the footer for a location to improve sales by drawing attention to some trade association or quality management mark. Make legal advice as little as possible.

2. Postal replies

Would you want prospective customers to answer by post? Contain a prepaid envelope.

3. Long letters

Nobody will purchase something without sufficient info to produce a choice. Keep selling till you’ve run from sales points. Every word ought to be applicable – no rambling.

4. Be friendly

Address your correspondence to a famous individual if at all possible since it proves that you care that they are. Second best would be to tackle them by their interest or job, eg.

Sign off at a friendly manner. Rather than a secretary registering the letter for your benefit, sign up it. Contain your Christian name along with a friendly name. ‘Customer Services Manager’ states your organization cares about its clients.

5. Strong headlines

It provides the possible client a reason to continue reading. Keep it clean and easy – believe communicating not clever word play.

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