What Are EAZ-LIFT Weight Distribution Hitches?

There are assorted weight distribution hitches on the recreational vehicle (RV) market. I counted eight distinct brands from the catalogue book from one RV supplier. Many have trademarked their particular design.

As we have very little choice of brands in Australia which are compliant with Australian standards, we’re likely to focus on the one offered for us .

Have you ever driven along the highway/freeway and noticed the dip between the tow and trailered car?

Driving your tow vehicle this way ends in the front of the tow car being up that gives one less control on the road.

The weight distribution hitch covered in this article is designed by Camco. It is a high grade device which is tapered round steel bars. There are two models the 600 or 800 Series with various shanks sold individually.

The Weight Distribution Hitch is adjustable for changing tow ball heights to suit unique applications.

The right and left sway control mounting facility is currently present so you can add the sway control kit for extra towing comfort and security.

There Are Lots of Other necessary elements like the:

  • Hook up brackets, spring bars, chains, tow rope mount, hitch pin, clip and bolt bundle for adjusting your hitch.
  • With Camco, the shanks are sold separately.
  • · Adjustable tow ball mount rankings at height.
  • · Adjustable tow ball mount angles
  • · Easy installation and assembly
  • · Made from top grade materials.

There are two models for this particular weight distribution hitch. The 600 series is 272 kg free of shank and the 800 series is 363kg again with no shank. The bigger the van size that the greater the weight on the tow ball therefore the sort of hitch needed depends on the size of your van.

There are three shanks available that you can use: the hi-low shank, the extra hi-low shank and extra low shanks. The type of shank depends upon the low or high place to match the tow ball mount to some coupler height. The Hi-low shanks provide more length that’s needed to obtain clearance from bumper disturbance.

The EAZ-LIFT can also have a sway control added to minimise the influence due to passing trucks and sudden gusts of wind. The sway control has a dual friction disk brake which enables it to consistently decrease the sway and improve vehicle handling. However, if your van is over 24 ft then two influence controls might be required.

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