What to buy a billionaire: Christmas gifts for Your ultra rich

Life’s luxuries can make sense for the majority of those on your shopping list, however there’s always 1 person who looks impossible to please. That’s why we’ve chucked the budget in the bin and have completed in search of the very rarefied adventures and exotic products. Consider these 10 things your very best chance at gaining the upper hand in almost any gift exchange on Amazon UK.

Utopian vision of Mars

Elon Musk can not have the Martian fun. Since the king of futurism frees up enthusiasm for sending SpaceX colonists to the red planet by 2024, your billionaire sometimes takes a more contemplative approach using a historical globe that imagines what life is like out there:”Mars efter Lowell’s Glober 1894-1914.”

The hand-inked and -coloured manuscript orb was created by Emmy Ingeborg Brun, a Danish socialist and astronomer, from mistranslated drawings by Giovanni Schiaparelliwhich interpreted”canali” (natural stations ) as man-made canals, evidence of a now-dying Martian population.

Mars efter Lowell’s Glober 1894-1914.

In those lines, Brun saw evidence of a cooperative society and encouraged Mars as a potential site for a socialist utopia (not so unlike today’s space race). To spread the gospel, she started sending copies of this globe to museums and academic institutions around the world; just eight, including this one, have suffered. Free Trade. And could make a handsome mantelpiece to any earthbound corner workplace.


Naughty or nice is beside the point when you’re able to bypass the letter to Santa and proceed right to the source rather. For those short of time, there is a three-day helicopter flyover (out of US$20,995); for those long on insanity, the North Pole Marathon will take place on April 9, 2018 (entrance fee: US$21,398). For everybody else, Quark Expeditions offers two-week, comprehensive trips aboard a Russian, nuclear-powered icebreaker into the geographic North Pole. (True magnetic north is another point that always wanders and is best left for the on-board scientists to explain.)

Blissful days unplugged from the world wide web, 24-hour sunlight, the surreal seascapes of Franz Josef Land, an occasional, helicopter-borne sampling assignment, and the chance to spot polar bears, walruses, seals, and narwhals. Daily lectures by marine biologists, climatologists, and glaciologists will handle the region’s essence. After at 90 degrees north — there’s no land , just forever shifting, metres-thick sea ice hockey — Quark will arrange a barbecue, Champagne toast, and (weather permitting) a hot-air balloon journey. The truly brave can even dip in frigid water.

Certainly, accommodation is not luxe (reserve the Arktika Suite plus a massage in the sauna), however that is the point: to walk off feeling less like a tourist and more like an accomplished adventurer. It is one thing to say you’re on top of the world, but fewer than 500 people yearly can claim literally to have been around.

Cost: US$46,900 each individual, with transport package

Animal movement safari

Animal conservation is a delicate dance that can be a victim of its own success: too many elephants or rhinos in one area, and they eat all the plants; a juvenile lion pumped out of their pride will have a rough’n’ damn mentor life unless he’s got room to roam. Luckily, this is a problem money most certainly solves.

Charity Travel services travellers yearning to proceed beyond Africa’s conventional twice-daily game drives by fitting them with conservation businesses (Wildlife ACT, African Parks) in need of funding to maneuver endangered species out of overpopulated sport reserves. Nobody is going to move a lion because a billionaire says , but with enough notice (ideally annually ) and mother nature’s boon, guests can help out, getting up-close-and-personal with all the sleeping beastie while snagging a supreme selfie from the process. Rhino de-horning and wild dog collaring expeditions are also available — often on the exact same trip.

Cost: Six-night safaris from US$50,000 per person for lion relocations, US$100,000 per individual for rhinos, and up of US$500,000 for elephants (you must move the whole herd). Charges cover the entirety of transferring the animal (e.g. helicopters, tranquilliser darts, veterinarians) as well as all-inclusive lodges, ground, and air transfers arranged via the region’s best high-end outfitters.

Unless you are the unidentified bidder who bought Paul Newman’s Daytona Rolex for US$17.8 million, Christie’s has a few choices a lot left in their Evening of Exceptional Watches. For guys, nothing states swagger quite like Joe DiMaggio’s Patek Philippe ref. 130. The baseball legend obtained the 33mm, 18ct gold chronograph in 1948, and it’s still in excellent condition, from its silvered, Breguet numerals on down to the original leather strap that was worn across DiMaggio’s wrist.

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