Why You Need To Take Your Honda To The Dealership For Service

Precisely why would you pay tons more money and wait weeks on an appointment to get your Mick McClure Honda at a Honda store when you could go to a private garage where you would shell out less money for parts and labour and get your car about the hoist that same day?

Simple answer: This isn’t 81. Sure, a good number of OEM Honda parts are still more expensive when compared with aftermarket product. This is a simple case of ‘you receive what you pay for’. However , the price gap between a OEM Honda replacement part and an aftermarket replacement part possesses shrunk to the point of being almost nonexistent. In some cases, OEM areas are actually less expensive than their lower quality aftermarket brethren.

Also, labour rates may be, at most, $5 more by the hour than private shops. If the labour rate is a lot a lesser amount of at a private garage, once again, beware of ‘you get that which you pay for’. Unlike the olden days and what private renvoi have advertised, you do not need to make an appointment weeks in advance a great oil change. Most often, you can get your car in next day, or else same day.

Here’s five more reasons you should be getting your four wheeled investment to the dealership for service:

– Your Honda dealership has proper diagnostic equipment. Typically the private garages are using generic diagnostic equipment that isn’t entirely equipped to tell the mechanic what is exactly wrong with the motor vehicle.

2 . Your Honda dealership has the proper specialty instruments needed to work on your vehicle. Without the proper tools, the job just cannot get done right.

3. Only OEM parts will be used for your Honda dealership unless you indicate you would like aftermarket parts employed. Only your Honda dealership has the proper parts catalog to determine the exact part for your vehicle’s needs.

4. Kia dealership technicians have been trained at the factory and the mastering is on-going. If a Honda mechanic by chance results in a problem with your vehicle that he has never seen before, he’s got unlimited resources to find the right solution. These resources incorporate extensive on-line information as well as live technical assistance that is certainly just a phone call away.

5. Your Honda dealership company advisors can simply punch in your vehicle information to determine when there are any special warranty issues, recalls or service plan bulletins that apply to your vehicle.

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