After Face Lift Surgery – What Can I Expect From My Face Lift?


As we grow older, so does our skin. Like an old pair of spandex skinny jeans, our skin slowly looses its elastic ability to just spring and coil back into its natural state. Unfortunately, when talking about a face lift and wrinkles, the wrinkles are not truly inside skin itself, but are in the muscles of the face a result of the longevity of use. Just like the skin wearing out, the muscles too will probably slowly wear out. If you are going in for a face lift, there are some points that you must expect. For starters, the face lift is simply the tensing of the skin, the underlying structure like muscles are not damaged and therefore it is quite possible that you will still have wrinkles in you actually skin even after the procedure.

It is this underlying structure connected with both bone and muscle that makes each of our faces one of a kind, and the face lift just pulls the skin back in an attempt to supply a more useful appearance. It is other procedures like nasal jobs and cheek work that can change the underlying design, but these also will add to the entire cost of the procedure.

The surgeon is capable of some muscle and other soft tissue restorations which will help to give you an even more youthful look upon completion of the surgery. To help even more with the wrinkles, you can also undergo non wide spread procedures both before and after the surgery to help resurface the epidermis and remove a large percentage of the wrinkles.

When talking about the face lift, you must also remember that the 伦敦瘦脸针 only focuses on the bottom of the face, if you want the upper part like the eyebrows in addition to forehead to be done you will have to inform your surgeon these as they are a completely different surgery. There is a lot of fright world wide today concerning poorly done face lifts but the good thing is that these can easily be avoided as long as you make sure to communicate very well with your surgeon as well as choosing a qualified surgeon for the technique.

Another important point is the incision points along the face. It is very important that these incisions are made in the most discrete location that is definitely possible, by ensuring that the incision is made under the hairline and further below the cheekbone, you will end up with a more natural look.

The final goal of a face lift is to basically pull the face’s features back into their natural location. If this is done erroneously or if it is done in too quick of a manner, the public presence lift can make the dace look distorted. Think of your personal surgeon as an artist who will be re-sculpting your entire experience. Pablo Picasso makes some great paintings, but if he should have done a sculpture, then it would not have fared likewise. The same goes with a face lift, one would want the work of an Rembrandt rather than a Dali on their face, and choosing the right doctor is like making the decision between Rembrandt and Picasso.

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