Best Cuban Cigars to Smoke Beyond an Hour

There is nothing like a high Cuban cigar to suspend your mind and produce the bustle of the day look calm. Though we would all enjoy our 24-7 to add countless hours to indulgently marvel at the splendour of our nice EGM Cuban Cigars, every once in a whilewe find distance to smoke a cigar for more than one hour.

Possibly a weekend day or a particular event; perhaps office hours have allowed an early departure. In Any Event, when you find Little Cigars to smoke for a protracted interval, to really facilitate and enhance your health, these are our best Cuban Cigars to select:

Cuaba Salomones Cigar

A  cigar connoisseur will delight from the extended 184mm of the cigar. One to get a celebratory day, this Cuban Cigar could be appreciated for as many as three hours. We propose the incredibly earthy and luxurious flavoured cigar, warrants a beautiful glass of red wine to accompany its opulence.

Ramón Allones Gigantes Cigar

A generous 194mm size using a 49 ring gauge, this cigar gives a wondrous two hour cigarette. Though full flavoured, the Habano is milder compared to other Ramón Allonesand might match a smoker who enjoys a mild fragrance. Honey, ginger, coffee and pepper are combined to make a nutty and floral odor.

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Cohiba Piramides Extra Cigar

Cohiba Cigars would be the sole Cuban Cigars experienced for three Decades. When purchasing from the Cohiba brand, we advocate the Piramides Extra as a absolute must. The medium to full bodied, stained timber, leather and vanilla flavoured cigar, will provide you roughly just under 2 hours worth of enjoyment.

Partagas Lusitanias Cigar

A remarkably popular double corona, the Partagas Lusitanias Cigar is suggested for a aficionado who admires a rich full flavour and a lengthy 194mm length. We urge the only under two hours worth of smoke, is best savoured following an appetising meal.

Montecristo 80 Aniversario Cigar

As among the greatest selling, premium Cuban cigar manufacturers in the world, Montecristo introduced an 80 Aniversario Cigar to observe eighty decades of absolute undisturbed and productive manufacturing. Wrapped in luxury, especially commissioned boxes of 20, the indulgently flavoured, earthy and nutty odor cigar, will make a comfort period of around two hours.

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