Email Marketing: New Devices But The Three Principles Will Stay The Same

Hey there everyone, I am one of these weird guys who receive galore amounts of reports from various companies espousing the benefits and the flaws of email marketing.

Some of these reports insist you should be using technically advanced methods of creating emails.

Most of them consent though; Email is not going anywhere.

Let me put sleeping some of the myths I have been reading. Email, or delivering a voice message direct by electronic means, WILL NOT disappear.

Regardless of the interest in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, email in-box details world-wide will still be open for legitimate marketers to send texts to. In fact , the number of email accounts outstretch any advertising and marketing customers by a massive number.

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What will change though would be the way people may read their emails.

For instance, Mobile phones numbers are growing so are PC Tablets.

So in place of people reading emails via a traditional PC they will adapt to read their emails via these new electronic devices.

What can we learn from this to the email marketer?

Firstly, the three principles of marketing with email will never change.

1. Gather a list of people, customers, people.

This so essential in email marketing.

If you have an existing online business grab customer names today. Place them in a list allowing you to have the ability to send them a targeted message.

I recommend to every one my clients have a ‘MAIN LIST’ and then segment and also categorise this list. In simple terms, “Can you break the most crucial list up into smaller segments or categories? lunch break

Let me explain further.

If you own a restaurant, maintain a good “Main List” but also have separate lists of people who for example certain meals. i. e. Steak Lovers, Pasta Aficionados etc . You could even go as far as creating lists just for Red Wine Lovers, White Wine Lovers, Boutique Beer Lovers. For people with an online store always maintain a “Main List” however , can you segment this list into what someone sometimes have bought.

The second principle of email marketing which will never transformation is:

2 . Build a Relationship With Your List.

Don’t sell your products and services to everyone all the time. I am not an negotiate of selling in every email but it is OK to leave people know what you have new etc .

It is our job to let every person know what products and services we have which could help them. Whenever we don’t we are guilty of negligence in our business.

The way people let people know though is so important.

Limit tough sell. In fact all successful marketers will tell you, you shouldn’t be reselling but informing. If you have targeted the right list, your customers knows if the product or service best suits them and will seek you released. Provide people with useful information. This is crucial to building a bond.

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