Florida Tourist Attractions – Ultimate Road Trip, Florida Keys And Key West

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The following long line of islands, stretching south of Miami as an alligator’s tail, has long captivated visitors. And, equally you’d be careful while hiking through gator territory, exploring the Keys today demands a certain amount of caution. No, there are virtually no real dangers (although the crass consumerism comes close), but there are real highs and real lows. Because the highs are so great – stunning tropical striper, unparalleled views of the sea, scrumptious dining adventures aid it’s best to not waste any time with the lows of Tshirt shopping or cheesy-hotel stays.

The 45-island chain, performed together by a 1130-mile roadway, has a pace of daily life that becomes more mellow and island-like the additionally you get from Miami. Surroundings also turn more attractive as you travel south, and your experience will peak to all ways as soon as you settle into the southernmost point in the choice, Key West. But don’t make the mistake of hurtling by all that rest spots in between these points.

Though much of the HWY 1 (the only road that goes through) is lined with fortresses of strip malls that block any views of the the gleaming coast line, it’s worth turning off the highway, breaking through the obstacle and enjoying what lies in wait,. Key Largo’s Nicole Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Grassy Key’s Dolphin Research Center, Marathon’s kayaking tours and the amazing Cuban food tucked away in Big Pine Key are just a several pleasures.shuttle from key west to miami Tours Guides say when you think of the planning a trip to Miami, you should not miss out on the Bus Miami Everglades National Park

– Islamorada

Islamorada (eye-luh-murr-ah-da) is actually a collection of lesser islands with equally fanciful names – Plantation, Lower and upper Matcumbe, Lignumvitae. It’s one of the best driving stretches because you can essentially see water on both sides for much of the way. There are plenty of placid, easily accessible little ocean-beach nooks providing scenic majority stops. Islamorada is known for fishing and as a result has some of the most useful seafood dining in the Keys.

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