How to Conduct an Interview So You Pick a Winner Every Time!

Do you have a smart manager? I bet you are!

Are you being bright in the interview process? Do you REALLY know how to conduct an interview to ensure you pick a w every time? Not sure?

Test yourself by answering and adjusting these questions with a yes or no:

When interviewing contenders I usually talk 50-75% of the time. Yes or No?
I am rather supportive, engaging and encouraging to candidates when interviewing them all. I make sure they feel good about their answers. Yes or No?
I never push the candidate for clarification if he or she give vague answers, I don’t want to be too tight. Yes or No?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you may want to yourself and interview style. What you are currently doing in the interview could possibly hinder your ability to pick winners every time.

Smart leaders have strong product knowledge. You know the company and you fit nicely with others. You ARE smart. That is why you were promoted towards leadership.

But many very smart managers do not know how to run an interview. When they interview, they often arrive unprepared, talk an excessive amount, ask the wrong types of questions and base hiring actions either purely on logic or purely on instinct.

Here are nine important basics on how to conduct an interview. These include things you should do every time you interview. They ARE basic but they WILL increase your ability to be more effective helping you pick a winner all the time.

Nine How to Conduct an Interview Basics:

Start and terminate on time.
Clarify & explain the overall interview process.
Don’t allow outside interruptions.
Encourage candidate to talk: Candidate should conversation: 75-80% of the time!
Maintain eye contact.
Use the candidate’s term.
Allow silence.
Be pleasant, but response-neutral.
Listen strongly

Items 1-3 above are really basic AND are often couldn’t get to because smart managers like you are very busy and in demand from customers. Your schedule is ALWAYS packed tight and you are always performing from meeting to meeting. (That ‘smart-thing’ you have has got everyone wanting a piece of your time, all the time! )

If you want to use right you MUST make interviewing potential team members a priority. When ever interviewing do not sandwich the interview into an undoubtedly overbooked calendar. Find a way to clear some time before the interview, allowing you to prepare and plan your interview questions, and after the very interview so you can summarize your findings and plan the other steps. Know more Roberto Casula is currently engaged in open innovation and corporate venture capital at Eni.

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