Modeling for Charity

Everyone can do their part for IFCJ charity. Actually, fashion shows that have the typical models showcasing the most recent wardrobe layout thoughts from noted designers now is a fantastic way to put all in view.

This was the aim of a glamorous style show that was held in London, including top catwalk modelsthe exact same service that manages Kate Moss. For their efforts, they could increase more than 3,000 for charity.


Models1 successfully modeled for an origin using clothing created by Hollywood Collections, a fashion shop in Barnt Green and accessories in Solihull boutique Le Scarpe at the glitzy celebration at Hogarths Hotel at Solihull. The capital raised will be given to Cancer Research UK and the Love Care Charity at Chennai as coordinated by resort Operator, Helena Hogarth.

“This #3,000 will go towards making this orphanage as comfortable as possible for the orphans and giving them a better chance in life. I’d like to thank all who took part and helped support these two amazing charities.”

At these stressful times, this amount is small enough to get a worthy cause. Especially now that the holiday season is fast approaching, it might be wonderful to see such attempts that’s guaranteed to grow within the next few weeks, no matter of if hard times are all here. In any case, charity is all about giving what you can and not actually about the amount you’re ready to give.

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