The 5 W’s of Management – What, Where, When, Why and Who

Managing is a common term and is widely used. It is essential in any type of organization.

Control is basically ensuring combining efforts of available resources towards required objectives/ goals/targets.

Management is an activity of purpose. It can be a process and not an event or happening.

Management primarily should create an enabling situation. Required things or benefits need to be made to happen. Management cannot wait for things as well as results to happen. It cannot give reasons or cases that prevented required results from happening. In fact , excellent management is one which foresees all possible constraints in addition to plans strategic actions to work around them to achieve targeted ambitions. Therefore , good management has to be efficient and also effective. Proficiency means doing a task the right way at economic costs inside of available resources. Effectiveness means doing the right things.

Direction depending on situations and individuals can be a Process, Activity, Control, Group, Science, Art or Profession and explained down below:

“Management is a process that defines a sequence for just a set of planned activities to utilise available resources optimally, effectively and economically to achieve required results at the suitable time”. Management can be a social process since it primarily relates to humans in getting them to plan, organize and perform exercises that produce required results in a timely manner. It is usually an integrating process since it integrates various resources including humans, financial, machinery, equipments and materials to produce needed end result. Finally, Management is a continuous process and goes on in search of newer targets/objectives and results when current people are achieved. Management cannot be said to be over but continues and that’s why is precisely defined as a process.

As an activity, management can be informational, decision-making or inter-personal. Management can never be practiced without flow of information between involved resources. Once facts flows decision has to be taken otherwise nothing moves frontward toward completion. Lastly, good management is characterised by means of good person-management skills that gets everyone involved, commited yet willing to give one’s best happily.

As a control, management pertains to study of principles & practices connected with basic administration. It specifies methods for its practitioners to overpower any type of organization. Management is formally taught leading to diploma/degree/masters globally in institutes and universities enhancing a person experience and thereby one’s employability at higher levels of liability.

Eminent research scholars, thinkers and academicians continually even more the discipline of Management. This is then wide-spread over the various institutes that teach various management programmes to help students who are selected through rigorous selection procedures.

You will discover family owned businesses that have the family members at the helm and qualify as Patrimonial or Family Manager. People with formal qualification in Management are known as Professional Managers. Scalps of political parties and government-owned enterprises/corporations/undertakings are Political Managers.

Management is accepted as both, an art as well as a science. Management has well researched and documented know-how and has proven examples to confirm its applicability to daily life and hence is undoubtedly a science. Not everyone can certainly be a successful and authentic manager. Few individuals have that proficiency, finesse, adequate knowledge and a personal style that makes administration an art.

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